The song was unknown until the full song was leak on July 13 2013 along with the full length 'Daytona Meth'.

don't fuck with me, I told you don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me 

"fuck you" attitude,
you know what I wanna do:
light it up red, white and blue.
do I look high to you? well that's because i am
that's because I am
do you know what I had to do
to get here, man!?

no no, you don't don't
'cause you're not a gangsta
no no, you don't don't
'cause you're not a gangsta,
like i... 

scarface, sacrifice, 
sold my soul to make it nice
it was worth it, paid the price
life is death when blow is life

but me and my crew,
we know what we like,
we know how to roll,
will we ever stop? no! 

don't fuck with me
don't fuck with me
you're not a gangsta
don't fuck with me (repeated)

yes, yes yes (repeated)
you're not a gansta 


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