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This is the complete list of tracks by Lana Del Rey. Given the amount of leaks we encounter, I'd check back regularly if I were you! [[Media:]] No, I won't be including downloads link. Firstly, consider it a sort of Lana fandom initiation to hunt these songs down. Secondly, that could be construed as encouraging piracy. And thirdly, because links are forever disappearing and I would forever be trying to replace them.

I have now added a confirmed fakes section at the bottom to help clear up any confusion. A lot of song lists are listing either fake or fan-made songs, so please check here before you waste time searching for them!

This is a CD registered at the USCO in 2005. It has the application track specified as Rock Me Stable, and contains 7 songs. We know nothing else at this point.

Sirens (album) Edit

Possibly Lana's first album, all acoustic, recording under the name May Jailer. Some song titles are fan-made assumptions, some genuine. Lana has never publically acknowledged the album since finding fame, and little is known.

  1. For K (also known as Sirens)
  2. Next to Me (also known as River Road)
  3. A Star for Nick
  4. My Momma
  5. Bad Disease
  6. Out with a Bang
  7. Westbound
  8. Try Tonight
  9. All you Need
  10. I'm Indebted to you
  11. Pretty Baby
  12. Aviation
  13. Find my Own Way
  14. Pride
  15. Birds of a Feather

Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena (profile) Edit

The profile she had under this name on the website had these songs uploaded;

  1. Disco
  2. For K Part 2 (Demo)

Sparkle Jump Rope Queen (profile)Edit

Songs listed under this username on MySpace;

  1. Elvis
  2. Axl Rose Husband
  3. Blue Ribbon (same as Gramma)

The Money Hunny Recordings (demotape) Edit

A tape/playlist sent in to Nefarious Bovine radio station.

  1. Money Hunny
  2. A Star for Nick
  3. Rehab (second known demo version of For K Part 2)
  4. Pawn Shop Blues (Demo)

No Kung Fu (fan-made demotape)Edit

A fan-made collection of acoustic songs

  1. Brite Lites (Demo)
  2. Jump (Demo)
  3. Yayo (Demo)
  4. Get Drunk
  5. Jimmy Gnecco

Kill Kill (EP)Edit

An EP released online as a teaser to the upcoming LDRAKALG album.

  1. Kill Kill
  2. Yayo
  3. Gramma ( also known as Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven)

Lana Del Rey (album)Edit

Her first released studio album.

  1. Kill Kill
  2. Queen of the Gas Station
  3. Oh Say Can You See
  4. Gramma (Blue Ribbon)
  5. For K Part 2 (a later version of Rehab)
  6. Jump
  7. Mermaid Motel
  8. Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)
  9. Pawn Shop Blues
  10. Brite Lites
  11. Little Girls (Put Me in a Movie)
  12. Smarty
  13. Yayo

Lana Del Rey (EP)Edit

The teaser EP sent out before the Born to Die album

  1. Video Games
  2. Born to Die
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Off to the Races

Born to Die (album) Edit

In need of no introduction. You can find information on any alternates on the song pages.

Born to Die: Standard Edition

  1. Born to Die (Click link for all single formats 'and remixes)
  2. Off to the Races
  3. Blue Jeans (Click link for all single formats 'and remixes)
  4. Video Games (Click link for all single formats 'and remixes)
  5. Diet Mountain Dew
  6. National Anthem (Click link for all single formats 'and remixes)
  7. Dark Paradise
  8. Radio
  9. Carmen
  10. Million Dollar Man
  11. Summertime Sadness (Click link for all single formats and remixes)
  12. This is What Makes Us Girls

- later added as part of the Born to Die: Deluxe Edition

13. Without You

14. Lolita

15. Lucky Ones

- part of the Born to Die: Paradise Edition

16. Ride

17. American

18. Cola (P*ssy)

19. Body Electric

20. Blue Velvet

21. Gods and Monsters

22. Yayo (remastered)

23. Bel Air

24. Burning Desire (itunes exclusive only)

Paradise (EP)Edit

Lana also released the Paradise Edition of Born to Die on a seperate EP, allowing fans to purchase the new additions seperately to the full album.

  1. Ride
  2. American
  3. Cola (previously titled P*ssy)
  4. Body Electric
  5. Blue Velvet
  6. Gods and Monsters
  7. Yayo (remastered)
  8. Bel Air
  9. Burning Desire (itunes exclusive)

Sent to/Sold on to other artistsEdit

Written for/forwarded onto other artists

Cover songsEdit

Collaborations Edit

  • Dayglo Reflection (with Bobby Womack )
  • Video Games (live performance ft Woodkid)
  • Iron (live performance ft Woodkid)
  • Chet Baker (live performance with Mando Diao)
  • Gloria (live performance with Mando Diao)
  • Ten Dollar Ring (live performance with Bryan Dunn. There do not seem to be any complete recordings)
  • Live My Life (a track she -barely- contributed on by Tamarara, listen out for the 'Hey')
  • Lover's Fate (backup vocals. With Alice Stopkoski)

Ad CampaignsEdit

Blue Jeans(Nespresso)


- The unknown, some leaked but some not and so unconfirmed. Some of these are merely rumours and don't appear to be listed on any copyright sites. Those in Italics are leaked and available to find online.  



1967 Chevy



All Smiles

American Flag

Angels Forever (rumored be on 'Ultraviolence')

Angels in America

Are You Ready  


Back to tha Basics


BBM Baby

Be My Daddy


Betty Boop Boop

Break My Fall

Boarding School

Born Bad Baby


Butterflies part 2

Black Beauty (rumored be on 'Ultraviolence')

Bollywood Hawaii

Baby Blue Love (parts of this possibly present in the 'Daddy Issues' song)

Beautiful Prayer

Behind Closed Doors

Because of You

Big Bad Wolf  


Caught You Boy

C U L8r Alligator

Catch and Release

Children of the Bad Revolution

Coca Colla (Demo/ Acapella version of 'Television Heaven')

Come When you Call Me America (two variants, one with autotune, one without!!!)

Criminals Run the World

Crooked Cop

Cry Me a River  

Could Be You



Daddy Issues

Daytona Meth

Dance Man

Dance Money

Dangerous Girl


Damn You

Dreams (see 'Prom Song (Gone Wrong))

Driving in Cars With Boys

Dum Dum



Every Man Has His Wish


End of the World (Cover)



Fake Diamond

For Charlie

Fordham Road

Fresh Princess

Friend of Mine

From the End  


Girl That Got Away

Golden Grill


Gods Plan (also known as 'You're gonna love me')

Gangsta Boy

Go Go Dancer

Gas Station


Hawaiian Tropic

Heartshaped Chevrolet

Heartbreak Hotel (Cover)


High Roller

Hit and Run

Hot Hot Hot

Heavy Hitter (a demo version and an instrumental also available)


Hollywood's Dead

Hollywood Noir

Hundred Dollar Bill

Hey Lolita Hey

Hey You


I Don't Want To Go

In The Sun

I Was in a Bad Way

I’m Fucked

Is It Wrong?

I Want it All


Jealous Girl



Kinda Out Of Luck

Kindess of Strangers


Last Girl On Earth

Live Forever

Live or Die

Living Without You

Living Legend

Lift Your Eyes

Little Girls

Love in Cars



Making Out

Marilyn Monroe (also known as Puppy Love)

Motel 6


Midnight Dancer Girlfriend

Maha Maha

Moije Joue

Miss America (also known as trash magic, studo plus very different demo version)

Mermaid Hotel


My Best Days  



Never Let Me Go  


On Our Way

Old Money (rumored be on 'Ultraviolence')

Oooh Baby  



Paris (actually called Take Me to Paris)

Put Your Lips Together

Party Girl

Push Me Down

Puppy Love (also known as Marilyn Monroe)

Put the Radio On

Pin Up Galore

Playground (also know as Another Lonely Day)

Playing Dangerous

Prom Song (Gone Wrong) (sometimes 'Teenage Wasteland' or 'Dreams')  


Queen of Disaster  



Ride or Die Bitch (more commonly known as She's Not Me)

River Road (see Next to Me)


Rock Me Stable

Ruby Tuesday  


San Antonio


Screw You

Serial Killer

She's Not Me (also known as Ride or Die Bitch)

Slow Gin Fizz


Smoke & Mirrors

So Legit

Strange Love

Stop Lite De-Lite

Summer of Sam  


TV in Black and White

Take Me to Paris (sometimes just called Paris)

Teenage Wasteland (see 'Prom Song (Gone Wrong))

Television Heaven

True Love on the Side

True Love  


Us Against the World  


Velvet Crowbar  


White Pontiac Heaven (alternate version of Axl rose husband. Only about a minutes worth leaked)

Will You Still Love Me?  



You & Me

Your Band Is All the Rage

You're Gonna Love Me (also known as Gods Plan)

You Can Be the Boss

Young Like Me  


The FraudsEdit

These are the known fake songs i have come across. You may see them listed on other song lists but I can confirm they're bogus, or not songs at all.

  • Allure - just a fan-made remix
  • Dope Cinema - mistaken as a song for the Paradise Edition, is in fact a tag line Lana added to the video.
  • Fill Me Up
  • I Still Love Him - merely a small speech made by Lana in the National Anthem video.
  • Monologue of a Broken Heart - just some monologue from the National Anthem Video
  • Nasty - mistaken as a song for the Paradise Edition, is in fact a tag line Lana added to the video.
  • Shame
  • Nowhere to Go
  • She Walks into Mine - merely just an interlude at the start of the Kinda Out Of Luck song, taken from a movie.
  • Super Cannes - mistaken as a song for the Paradise Edition, is in fact a tag line Lana added to the video.
  • Surf Noir - mistaken as a song for the Paradise Edition, is in fact a tag line Lana added to the video.
  • The High End of Low
  • Tropico - mistaken as a song for the Paradise Edition, is in fact a tag line Lana added to the video.
  • Truth in Your EyesInsert non-formatted text here

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