I’m the garden of Eden,
Lady Liberty,
Till it flame I'm shinin',


Axl Rose Husband is a track recorded in the late noughties, under the name Sparkle Jump Rope Queen.
The song is available on the My Space page under that name, along with Elvis and Blue Ribbon (Gramma).

It was presumably written when she was around 17 along with the other two songs. It is 3 minutes and 4 seconds long. A slightly different version known as White Pontiac Heaven also exists.


You my Axl Rose husband,
Blue hydrangea,
White Pontiac heaven.
Me, your red, white,
And blue girl,
Star spangled danger.

You my heavenly,
Heaven King, king.

I said, “Daddy, I need you,"
(Yes), Greenwich, I need you,
Strangled up in ivy.

I’m the garden of Eden,
Lady Liberty,
Till it flame I'm shinin',
Queen, queen.

You’re my one king daddy,
I’m your little queen,
Red, white, and blue.
You’re my one king daddy,
And I’m your little queen,
Red, white and blue.

White and blue.

(White and blue),
(White and blue).

Record executive I,
Need you to live, I,
Someone come replace you.
Should I happen to meet you,
Downtown, or see you,
I would fall down dead.

I’m bereaved by you,
Bereaved by you.

In blue denim I meet you,
Barefoot I need you.
Diamond horseshoe sparklin’.
You’re my king Jewish maven,
Kids on vacation,
Florida Keys are calling.

Come back to me,
Come back to me.

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